Things are picking up again…

No big hitters today but things are picking up again!

Today I bought:

  • Essentiel Antwerp jumper
  • vintage Karrimor jacket
  • Mint Velvet trench
  • Annette Gortz jacket and top
  • OSKA silk top
  • Peruvian Connection cardigan
  • Save the Queen dress

I will keep you posted with how well the Karrimor jacket does – I’m never sure but hopefully I can tap into the the youth Y2K market.

Stay seasonal

Although it’s tempting to buy unseasonal items, do so with caution. Some brands will always sell but in winter you’ll find it hard to shift vests, tees and shorts no made what the label is. If you have the space and the cash flow, keep items until the weather makes them more appealing.

Today I found a good range of items:

  • Luisa Spagnoli jumper
  • Icebreaker jumper
  • Hansel from Basel jumper
  • Hartford coat
  • Peruvian Connection cardigans x 2
  • Carven skirt
  • Elisa Cavaletti dress
  • Hanne Bloch tunic
  • La Bottega di Brunella top

Gym Wear?

Would you buy secondhand gym clothes? Having been in the secondhand clothes market for so long I personally have no problem with it – give it a wash and it’s good to go. However I know plenty of people who wouldn’t touch it! What’s your view?

Today I bought very little but I did pick up a gorgeous little MM6 tunic dress and a Gymshark jacket, along with a classic The White Company merino sweater.

Some long overdue menswear

Two decent days bargain hunting. Purchases include:

  • COS jumper
  • COS dress
  • AllSaints cardigan
  • Temperley jumper
  • Robert Noble tweed suit
  • Favourbrook jacket
  • Paige jeans
  • Sarah Pacini skirt
  • Rapha jumper
  • American vintage jacket
  • Jigsaw jumper

It’s worth mentioning that country sports attire has a big following on eBay – tweed shooting jackets, hunting waterproofs and premium equestrian labels are all worth buying second hand. Check the condition as they’re often vintage but buyers are often willing to overlook a bit of wear for this type of clothing.

Style and ski wear

Despite the atrocious weather I still managed to find some little gems today………

  • Diane von Furstenberg lace dress
  • Sweaty Betty leggings
  • rag & bone jeans
  • Zara fur bomber
  • AllSaints chunky jumper
  • Custommade cardigan
  • Rene Lezard quilted coat
  • Elisa Cavaletti shirt
  • Free People one piece

So a really great mix of items, found within about an hour and a half of shopping. Most of this will appear in my eBay store so take a look. If you’re thinking of selling your own clothes on eBay let me know if you have any questions. Happy bargain hunting!

Maison Martin Margiela and more

Not a bad day at all today! Here’s what I bought……….

  • Ghost jacket
  • Maison Martin Margiela for H&M dress (see picture below!)
  • COS dress
  • Levi’s trucker jacket (brand new!)
  • DKNY jumper
  • Oliver Spencer tweed jacket

So all in all, pretty good. I’m especially pleased about the H&M dress because as collaborations go this is one of the most popular, and one that I haven’t found secondhand before. I’ve decided to sell this one as it’s not quite my look – but it might be yours!?

A word about designer/high street collaborations – I love them but not all are popular with buyers. Check before you shell out too much.

Advice for potential sellers

A very lean buying day today so no bargains to share!

For anyone interested in starting a fashion retail business I thought I’d share a bit about customer service – a really boring phrase but vital for growing your business.

Fashion resale has a poor reputation for its customer service – just google reviews of any of the major reselling sites. There are problems for both buyers and sellers, particularly when there’s a dispute.

So how should you deal with a complaint? Simple. The customer is always right! Even if you strongly disagree with their complaint, take it on the chin and refund them in full without any grumbling.

Why do this? Well it’s the age old cliche of turning a negative into a positive. Buyers will be impressed with your quick and positive response, therefore much more likely to visit your store again, and recommend it to others. You might make a small short term loss but trust me, it’ll be worth it in the long run!