It takes a bit of practice but you can learn to identify cashmere by feel so that you can quickly go through shop rails and find those cashmere sweaters.

Don’t worry too much about bobbles – pure cashmere (or any fabric that’s not a mixed fibre) should brush up quite well using a bobble comb. As long as you’re not going to resell the item, it’s easy to fix snags and holes using a couple of stitches, they soon blend in.

Yesterday I bought:

  • Shirin Guild shirt
  • Max & Moi cardigan
  • AllSaints shirt
  • AllSaints top
  • RVCA bomber jacket
  • Pure Collection cashmere jumper
  • COS jumper
  • Mint Velvet top

Buy it Now or Auction?

I’m a huge advocate of auctions. In most cases you will achieve a higher price by auctioning an item than you will by setting a fixed price. I’m no psychologist but I think buyers get caught up in the competitive, almost gambling nature of an auction and will often nudge their budget just a bit higher in order to ‘win’.

I also like setting auctions to start from 99p. This encourages lots of lower end bids. When a buyer sees that an item has attracted several bids already, it makes the item seem more attractive. Of course if you can’t afford to let an item go for less than a certain amount, then don’t risk it!

Today I just popped into one local charity shop and picked up the following:

  • American Vintage t-shirt
  • COS dress
  • Patagonia shirt
  • M&S cashmere jumper
  • Baum und Pferdgarten dress

Things are picking up again…

No big hitters today but things are picking up again!

Today I bought:

  • Essentiel Antwerp jumper
  • vintage Karrimor jacket
  • Mint Velvet trench
  • Annette Gortz jacket and top
  • OSKA silk top
  • Peruvian Connection cardigan
  • Save the Queen dress

I will keep you posted with how well the Karrimor jacket does – I’m never sure but hopefully I can tap into the the youth Y2K market.

Not every day will be a great day

Well I’ve certainly had a bit of a dry couple of days in the shops. Lots of nice items from my lovely private clients but not much I’ve found myself. If this happens to you, don’t get disheartened – you’ll suddenly have an amazing day and you’ll be back in love with thrifting.

Veja trainers

On quiet days it’s a good idea to go through your own wardrobe to see what you can sell. I never wear my Veja trainers because they hurt my feet! They seem more popular than ever so I’ll try to sell them for a decent price (UK 7 if anyone’s interested!).

The advantage of buying secondhand designer clothes is that you can nearly always find something in your own wardrobe to sell.

Today I did find a gorgeous Zadig & Voltaire foil top, an Icebreaker hiking top, and a Mint Velvet Lips print jumper. Not bad but I’ve become spoilt!

Don’t forget the sale rail!

Iris & Ink jumpsuit

Today I bought this Iris & Ink ‘Alexa’ jumpsuit for just £1.00!! Although sale rails can be a bit daunting, and there isn’t always much to be had, it’s always worth a look. Even if you find some Zara jeans or a Gap sweater, that’s not bad for £1.00 (or at least half price). I once found a Victoria Beckham dress on a sale rail.

I only managed to pop into one secondhand shop today but as well as the jumpsuit I found:

  • The White Company long cardigan
  • Joyce Ridings skirt
  • & Other Stories dress
  • Scotch & Soda shirt
  • Joules scarf

Stay seasonal

Although it’s tempting to buy unseasonal items, do so with caution. Some brands will always sell but in winter you’ll find it hard to shift vests, tees and shorts no made what the label is. If you have the space and the cash flow, keep items until the weather makes them more appealing.

Today I found a good range of items:

  • Luisa Spagnoli jumper
  • Icebreaker jumper
  • Hansel from Basel jumper
  • Hartford coat
  • Peruvian Connection cardigans x 2
  • Carven skirt
  • Elisa Cavaletti dress
  • Hanne Bloch tunic
  • La Bottega di Brunella top

Another first time find

Really pleased to find this &Daughter jumper on an otherwise not very successful day.

&Daughter wool jumper

In addition I found a Nicole Farhi belt, a Gudrun Sjoden shirt and some ISCHIKO knitted trousers.

Note that it’s always worth making time to have a rummage among the belts and scarves in charity shops because you can find some real treasures there, usually for just a couple of pounds.

Found something fantastic? Let me know!

High street finds

Some lovely high end high street finds today, nearly all from a single shop. Some of these things can fetch just as much as a designer garment so they’re worth buying. If you don’t want to sell them they can be great additions to your own wardrobe.

Today I found:

  • Whistles floral blouse
  • Anna Sui Anthropologie blouse
  • Mint Velvet sweater
  • & Other Stories dress
  • Whistles wool jacket
  • Mango suede jacket
  • Oliver Bonas top
  • Cafe du Cycliste t-shirts x 2
  • Orlebar Brown t-shirt
  • Desigual Christian Lacroix cardigan
  • Hush star jumper

Nothing really designer but but still really nice things and nearly all under £5 each.

A great mix of high value items

I thoroughly enjoyed shopping today and came away with a really nice selection of high end items.

Today I found:

  • Harmont & Blaine trainers
  • Baum und Pferdgarten trousers
  • Band of Outsiders trousers
  • Icebreaker jacket
  • Finisterre jumper
  • ISCHIKO dress
  • Akris cardigan
  • Rochas top
  • AllSaints jumper (new)
  • Onjenu top

Really exciting to find the Rochas top as it’s a brand that I’ve never found in a charity shop before, however I expect the Icebreaker jacket will sell for more than any of the others – it’s hugely popular and it’s a great time of year to sell it. I’ll let you know if I’m right!

I did spot a Belstaff reefer jacket today and at £20 it looked like a bargain, but for me the lining was a bit tatty so I gave it a miss this time.

‘Of the brand…..’

Not much bought today but I did find a super cute Cath Kidston London bus cardigan.

Cath Kidston cardigan

It’s easy to snap up items just because of the label, but often things don’t sell for much unless they’re very ‘Of the brand’ – like this Cath Kidston cardigan. A Cath Kidston garment without a cutesy floral print or retro pattern won’t interest many buyers.

Likewise, when people search for Moschino they usually want something brash and bold. A plain pencil skirt won’t sell for much despite its high original price tag.

On the other hand, a buyer looking for Margaret Howell or Jil Sander will be after understated elegance, or something more utilitarian. This theory applies to lots of high end brands. Bear this in mind before purchasing and you’ll minimise losses.