What equipment do you need?

If you’re seriously going to start selling on eBay, you need to invest in some equipment. A decent camera is essential – a phone camera generally won’t cut it. I’ve also found the the camera needs to be lightweight, heavier ones can be quite cumbersome.

Unless you can do all your photos during the day, make sure you get some white studio lights. A mannequin isn’t essential but good for showing clothes at their best.

I couldn’t run my store without my steamer! So many garments are delicate and hard to iron – a steamer takes just moments for them to look like new.

Yesterday I bought a few good items including:

  • Whistles jumper
  • St. John trousers
  • AG Jeans stilt jeans
  • Rachel Zoe cardigan
  • Max Mara jacket
  • Sarah Pacini two set (£1!)

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