What’s expensive and what’s not?

When you’re looking for designer brands but aren’t very clued up on labels, look at the seams of a garment first. Expensive brands will always have beautifully finished zips and seams and no wonky stitching.

Remember that many designer label prices are upwards of £500. A garment should be finished in such a way that it’s worth the money (to some people!).

As I’ve been away for a week I was really hoping to buy more today but unfortunately bargains were scarce.

I did find a really beautiful Realm & Empire pea coat, a vintage Orvis dress (these really do sell for some reason!) and a nice COS patterned dress dress. I also found an O’Neill softshell jacket which I think I’ll keep and a really pretty vintage Bolam top.

Tomorrow I’m off to one of my favourite hunting grounds so I’ll keep you posted.

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